Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association

The GRTPA is a support network for police personnel who are from GRT background. 

The GRTPA’s main aim is to unite and support all police officers and staff who are from GRT background. 

Intrinsically linked to our main aim is the desire to foster good relationships between the police and GRT communities.


Aims & Objectives

  • Provide a support network for members of staff  who are Gypsy Roma or Traveller

  • Challenge myths and discrimination and provide education by way of lectures, classes, seminars, training courses and other such informative events.

  • Share good practice with other bodies and organisations whether in this country or overseas.

  • Promote and carry out research, surveys and investigations.

  • Work in partnership with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory agencies seeking to further the same or similar objectives.

  • Act as a conduit for discussion, negotiation and co-operation between UK Police Services, minority organisations, bodies, groups or communities.

  • Assist in the development of new and existing policies where necessary.

  • To link in with our colleagues from other EU countries.

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