On Thursday 25.10.18 the GRTPA of Thames Valley, hosted by the University of Oxford held the annual sub regional conference.

“Regional representative Jim Katouzian launched the event with an inspirational speech that outlined the issues facing the community at this time and the historical influences evident today.

Traveller Movement (TM) Spokesman and founding member of the GRTPA Jim Davies gave a summary of the TM report into police relations with GRT individuals within the wider community. The report is available on the TM website.

The afternoon saw GRTPA Director Martin Campbell give an overview of current GRTPA training and the draft recommendations he will be making to each of the 43 Police Chief Constables of the UK by the end of 2018. These recommendations are a reflection of those made by TM and will seek to address the inequalities in services to GRT people and establishing legitimacy.

The afternoon closed with a working group to enhance the draft recommendations, GRTPA structure and improvements to local practice in the South Region of the GRTPA.

National Director Martin Campbell said about the event “The work of Jim Katouzian has truly reinvigorated the GRTPA within this region following on from the work of our founding member Jim Davies. Thames Valley is the place the story of the GRTPA started and its importance should not be lost. I am confident that the passion and drive displayed by Jim Katouzian here today will ensure continuity of the association within the region but also take us into new realms beyond our previous expectations”