Introducing GRTPA (Policing Insight 18/08/2015) NoP_PDF_downlaod

Gypsy police officers band together to beat prejudice in the force (The Guardian 21/07/2015) NoP_PDF_downlaod

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Met Police to face racist probe (Independent 19/07/2015) NoP_PDF_downlaod

Commitment to improve representation of GRT police officers (Police Federation 09/07/2015)NoP_PDF_downlaod

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National Prison Radio (Insidetime 10/2014)                                                NoP_PDF_downlaod

GRTPA launched at Westminster (Travellers’ Times 21/07/2014) NoP_PDF_downlaod

Police accused of ‘institutional racism’ towards Romanies (Independent 16/06/2014) NoP_PDF_downlaod