UN Martin

Director Martin Campbell

Martin work is currently focused within the UK and Europe to improve service delivery by public authority to Gypsy Roma and Traveller communities across the area by working in partnership with NGO’s as well as the United Nations, Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and various charitable groups.

Director Objectives for 2018/19

1. Continue to support or members. This will always remain our primary purpose.

2. Enhance and continue to deliver current human rights compliance  training delivered by the GRTPA (alone and in partnership) across the UK & Europe to Public Authority and Community

4. Campaign for a national review into policing operations across each of the 43 forces into the provision of services that effect the GRT community members.

4. Encourage Senior Officials to spend 48 hours living with a “roadside” GRT family.

5. Ensure that the Equality Act and Public sector duties inferred are upheld and when necessary support the aggrieved party to maintain police legitimacy for vulnerable people.

6. Increase our membership across Europe of both GRT Officers and Staff but also community members and NGO representatives.

“I believe that all public services, especially the police, should work without fear or favour in a firm but fair way. When it comes to the issues facing GRT communities we the police, often end up trying to police a social issue such as civil trespass. I recognise that civil trespass is a wide spread and multidimensional issue for all communities, however the effects of unsuitable site provision, complete lack of sites, changes to planning legislation and discrimination in all area’s of life,  continues to contribute to the infant mortality rate, access to basic needs (running water for example) and widespread & blatant racism towards GRT people. I feel we the police lack legitimacy within the GRT community and as such it is my role and that of the GRTPA to help establish this”.


Director Florentina Chiriac

Committee Members – The committee consists  of Association members who are current or former Police Officers, Partner Organisations and most importantly community members. We are after all reflections of the community we serve.